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St. Francis in the Americas: A Caribbean Mass - audio download

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St. Francis in the Americas: A Caribbean Mass by Glenn McClure
Performed by Panloco Steel Band & Rochester Oratorio Society

VOCALS-- STEEL DRUMS-- PERCUSSION---PIANO (piano on Memorial Acclamation only)

Copyright McClure Productions, Inc.

track time
1.The Letter to the Faithful (Chant) (English) :50
2.Altissimo (Italian) 4:47
3.Kyrie (Samba) (Italian, Greek) 6:53
4.Gloria (Latin) 7:40
5.Una Carta al Hermano Leo (A Letter of Brother Leo) (Chant) (Spanish) 1:04
8.Alleluia (Italian)
7.Credo (Latin) 3:15
8.Santo (Italian) 3:40
9.Memorial Acclamation/Amen (English) 4:08
10.Como la Virtud Quita El Vicio (How Virtue Conquers Vice) (Calypso) (Spanish) 1:06
12.Agnus Dei (Latin) 1:38
13.Una Lettera A ‘Frate’ Jacopa (A Letter of 'Brother' Jacopa) (Chant) (Italian) 1:42
14.Cantico di Frate Sole (Italian) 7:38
total time 47:21
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