Ghana- Nov 8, 08

Internet access has been difficult the last couple of days,  but now that I have it for a short time, here is a quick update.

Our group were honored guests at the ritual sacrifice of a sheep yesterday.  This festival was mind blowing.  It commemorated the exodus journey of the Asante people.  The chief was there in so much ritual it made the Pope look down right Presbyterian.

I have been with Victor (the trip organizer, a Ghanaian from Rochester, NY) and his family.  He put us up in a high-end hotel,  so coming from the orphanage,  I had lots of culture shock…  from the poorest of the poor to a tiny island of first world extravagance.

A great part of the trip has been to pal around with my friend, Ruth Hollinger and her new boyfriend from Wisconsin.  Ruth is from Avon, NY and attending a university here in Ghana.

We are eating with the chief tonight at a pretty snazzy affair.

More later when the infrastructure is better.