McClure Productions

As we work to upgrade the website, here is some information on McClure Productions and Glenn’s current projects. Email Glenn or call us at 585-243-0324 for more information.

Global Arts Education-W/OW

Together with our Denver-based partner W/OW (WithOut Words Inc.), we are using the Arts to teach vital health education lessons in the Third World.  Our pilot projects in Ghana, Haiti, and Kenya engage local folktales and artistic traditions in combating the ravages of malaria and other insect-born illness.  Call us to find out how you can participate in the exciting work!

Galileo’s Universe

Students, artists, scholars, and educators around the world are exploring not only the science of Galileo, but also his life, his family, and Art.  Galileo grew up in a family of artists and musicians and some scholars have identified powerful connections between his history-changing scientific discoveries and his arts training.   We transform the texts of Galileo and his family into artworks that are shared around the world.  This program was created in collaboration with bestselling author, Dava Sobel (“Longitude,” “Galileo’s Daughter”).

Retelling the Story: From Slavery to Freedom

Students, artists, scholars, and educators in the US, Europe, and West Africa are sharing their unique perspectives and knowledge of their shared history-the Atlantic Slave Trade.  Each participating organization presents their research in artistic presentations, thereby transforming the triangle of slavery and bondage into a triangle of creativity and collaboration.

Arts Partnerships

We design and implement customized arts partnership projects and residencies for K12 schools, colleges/universities, and civic government.  These programs target specific challenges of each organization with highly motivational arts activities designed to build new connections and reveal new insights.  Give us a call about how to leverage the power of arts-based learning for your organization!

Art in Education Concert Programs

Our team of top-notch teaching artists continue to offer Arts in Education Concert Programs in K12 schools.  Each program uses the power of music to animate specific curriculum goals for a wide variety of classrooms.  All of our concerts include audience participation both on and off the stage.  We are currently offering the following programs:

The Great Garbage Concert – Take Recycling/Environmental Education to its silliest frontier!

The Rainforest– A musical exploration of the diverse layers of the tropical rainforest.

Steel Drum Paradise– Follow this musical voyage that takes us through the mixing of West
African and European music on the island of Trinidad, and how some teens created a new musical instrument out of the clash of these cultures

Regions of the United States-Take a trip around the US through the music and history of its
diverse people.

The Music of Glenn McClure

Check in on the latest news and availability of Glenn McClure’s music.  His works for choir, band, and orchestra continue to excite audiences and build artistic collaborations between musicians around the world.   In recent years, Glenn has focused much of his creative efforts toward the creation of World Music Opera.  While some of his works are available through Earthsongs Publishing and Roger Dean Publishing (a Lorenz Company), the rest are available through McClure Produtions.