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The Water is Me – New Composing Project

small boat on Lake Champlain
Photo by Jeetan Khada

Watershed Voices will create musical works that celebrate regional biodiversity (through sonification of scientific data) and human diversity (through writings from diverse cultural voices both past and present), thereby engaging audiences in both New York State and Quebec in a shared artistic experience of our shared Champlain Basin. Glenn McClure will compose at least two new musical works. He will also mentor three composers in the creative technique of sonification and each will write one musical work.

Sonification of data from Lake Champlain

A minimum of five choral and instrumental works will emerge from the sonification of data from Lake Champlain Basin water sources. The core musical content (melodies and chord progressions) will be driven by lake core data collected and curated by Dr. Curt Stager of Paul Smith’s College. Data used for this project will be different from Dr. Stager’s former project. Lake core samples represent thousands of years of climate history and human intervention in the Champlain Basin.

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