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The Taxi Classroom

The Taxi Classroom I grabbed a taxi on Sunday to go to the Mass at the Catholic Cathedral in a part of Kumasi called “Roman Hill.” I chose a driver in the middle of a teeming crowd of taxis at a place called Tech Junction. I am not exactly sure how I made the choice,…

Father’s Day in Ghana

The Sword in the Stone: Father’s Day in Ghana Don’t let the title of this blog lead you to think that I grabbed a quick flight to London or to the Disney resort in Hong Kong (they have a replica of the sword in the stone). Yes, I am still in Ghana. Yes it is…

Night Sounds

Night Sounds If New York City is the “city that never sleeps,” then Ghana is the country that never sleeps. The sounds in NYC are almost all made by humans and their machines. Here in the Ghana, whether you are in the city or the rural areas, the night is filled with sounds from both…


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