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Baroque in Latin America

I really enjoyed last weekend’s rehearsal of the choir. They continue have a beautiful, balanced sound under Tiphaine’s baton. I worked with this choir several times over the last 10 years under their last director Robert Filion. Robert is now teaching at a fine high school with an excellent music program. I hope to see…

The Conservatoire

I met with Anne Contant to arrange a lecture at the Conservatoire. This small school for musicians trains some of the most talented young musicians in the area. She has offered a 2 hour time slot to share the Missa Kreyol project with the whole student body. I will give a presentation on how indigenous…

Hospitality and the Artist Residency

Music and food are two of the greatest tools of hospitality. The composer attempts to create music that both excites the performer and speaks to the audience. The performer brings that music alive and welcomes the audience into their world of beauty and emotion. The cook in the kitchen attempts to create a meal that…

Tamboo Bamboo

Just heard from some of my friends in Cap Haitian on the north coast of Haiti. They connected me to some musicians from that area that have been preserving a musical tradition that goes a long way back to other Caribbean nations and also to West Africa. When West Africans were brought to the Caribbean…


Concert masses often end with the movement “Agnus Dei” (“Lamb of God”), however, I have been looking over the Latin words for the “Benedictus” and they seem to offer some opportunities for a strong, joyous rhythmic punch for the end. I will start playing around with this text within a Caribbean rhythmic environment.


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