Soul of a Free Man

“Soul of a Free Man” is the newest addition to “Emancipation Again: A Musical Freedom Trail.” The High School and Middle School Choirs of Geneseo Central School will join 3 soloists to sing this new work based the writings of Haitian Revolutionary, Toussaint L’Overture. This new work began with research by the 7th grade Social Studies classes (taught by Bonnie Ellis) into the writings of Toussaint and how the Haitian Slave Revolt affected the United States’ struggle for freedom. With language support from French teacher Paula Meierdiercks, the choir will sing in both French and English. Choral Director Emily McAdoo is pulling it all together for our upcoming performance. This piece also represents the partnership that SUNY Geneseo has with the town of Borgne, Haiti that supports intercultural exchange and health care services.