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Voice of Timbuctoo

Voice of Timbuctoo

“Emancipation…Again” is a civic, educational and artistic exploration of the legacy of freedom.  This web-based, global collaboration will bring scholars, artists, educators, and K12 students together in a variety of forums to share their unique experiences on Emancipation. 

“Emancipation Again” returns for Summer Performances

This summer two new works from Glenn McClure’s series “Emancipation Again” will receive their second performances. The Emancipation Oratorio at Chautauqua The Emancipation Oratorio travels to the famous Chautauqua Institute on July 7 for two performances by the Rochester Oratorio Society under the direction of Eric Townell. They will join singers from the institute, soloists…

Soul of a Free Man

“Soul of a Free Man” is the newest addition to “Emancipation Again: A Musical Freedom Trail.” The High School and Middle School Choirs of Geneseo Central School will join 3 soloists to sing this new work based the writings of Haitian Revolutionary, Toussaint L’Overture. This new work began with research by the 7th grade Social…

Voices of Timbuctoo Performance – Saranac Lake

New music will be performed tonight and tomorrow in Saranac Lake and North Elba as part of the John Brown Day events. Voices of Timbuctoo is a new work based on the Adirondack settlement of Black farmers in the mid-1800’s designed to secure voting rights. Abolitionist Gerrit Smith gave away 120,000 acres of his land,…

Premier of “Paradiso”

My thanks to Gerry Floriano and the Spectrum Women’s Choir, Gwendolyn Gassler and the Concentus Women’s Choir, baritone soloist Jon Turner and drummers Jon Canning, Ted Canning and Yahaya Alhassan for a wonderful premier of the new Dante piece! Earlier in the concert, the two choirs performed a setting of an excerpt from Dante’s “Paradiso”…


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