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El Segundo Festival de Folklore International

El Sauce, Nicaragua
Presented by the Enlace Project

The Second Festival of International Folklore brought together 40 performers in 8 different acts including nationally acclaimed musicians, international collaborations and regional traditions.  Over 1000 people (from babies to grandfathers) enjoyed over 4 hours of music, dance and poetry with lots of great Nicaraguan food.

This is what happens when we bring musicians, dancers, poets together with civic and academic leaders in Nicaragua and the US to celebrate our longstanding friendship. This festival is a celebration of a decade of collaboration between the town of El Sauce, SUNY Geneseo and Enlace Project www.enlaceproject.org.  “An event like this puts a  joyous public face on less visible work in health care, business development, English language instruction and college study abroad experiences,” says composer Glenn McClure, the lead musician from the US side of the partnership. He performed with the Nicaragua band, Teyocoyani a mix of Central American and Euro-American songs.

The first El Sauce Festival was held 2 years ago and featured Nicaraguan music legend Carlos Mejia Godoy and his band. In response to their performance together, McClure wrote the song “Somos Hermanos” for Godoy and recorded the song with his band last year. That song was featured in this year’s festival.

With support from…
SUNY Geneseo
La Cancha de la Alcaldia
Clinton Global Initiative Project/Mary Rutigliano
Asociacion de Promotores del Cultura

El Segundo Festival de Folklore International