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Night Sounds

Night Sounds If New York City is the “city that never sleeps,” then Ghana is the country that never sleeps. The sounds in NYC are almost all made by humans and their machines. Here in the Ghana, whether you are in the city or the rural areas, the night is filled with sounds from both…

The Monkey Cemetery

It is raining now, and when I say “rain” I am not joking.  Nothing like this is found in my home in upstate New York.

The Agogo Hospital

We drove about an hour and half outside Kumasi today to the rural town of Agogo.

Going Back to Your Roots, The Journey Begins

Sankofa-Go Back to Your Roots The trip begins.

Another note of Introduction to the June 2011 blog

Here in Ghana, internet service can work one day but then be washed out by a heavy rain the next.  Also, we often travel to locations that struggle with access to clean running water, so you can imagine that electric lines and internet connections fall a couple notches down on the priority level. I mention…


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