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ROS to perform McClure’s Emancipation Oratorio February 16, 2018

ROS to perform McClure’s Emancipation Oratorio February 16, 2018

Frederick Douglass at 200 concert- Rochester Oratorio will perform McClure’s Emancipation Oratorio February 16, 2018. More information at

Sunday in Ghana

This trip continues to become more surreal.  Remember when I wrote about the hard rain that kept getting harder and harder?  Well that has become a theme for the trip. Whereas I started the trip with orphans at a rural school in an Appalachia-like area, I thought that the lavish hotel was going to be…

Ghana- Nov 8, 08

Internet access has been difficult the last couple of days,  but now that I have it for a short time, here is a quick update. Our group were honored guests at the ritual sacrifice of a sheep yesterday.  This festival was mind blowing.  It commemorated the exodus journey of the Asante people.  The chief was…

Glenn in Ghana

Glenn and the McClure Productions team are working on a number of projects in Ghana.  One is a new project.  We are doing a pilot project to develop art-based instruction to teach children and families in Third World countries how to use mosquito netting.  Mosquito netting is shown to reduce the incidence of disease in…

Glenn’s News from Ghana


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