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Voices of Timbuctoo Performance – Saranac Lake

New music will be performed tonight and tomorrow in Saranac Lake and North Elba as part of the John Brown Day events. Voices of Timbuctoo is a new work based on the Adirondack settlement of Black farmers in the mid-1800’s designed to secure voting rights. Abolitionist Gerrit Smith gave away 120,000 acres of his land,…

“Voices of Timbuctoo” – John Brown Day’s Blog – May 9th Rehearsal

After a wonderful day of good food and conversation with Helen and her husband Joe, we headed to St. Bernard’s Church in Saranac Lake for the rehearsal tonight.  What a marvelous choir!  It is made up of singers of all kinds, including some that have sung at the Met and others that are just learning….

“Voices of Timbuctoo” – John Brown Day’s Blog – May 8th Travel

Paula and Francesca and I hit the road today for Lake Placid.  We are so excited about hearing the new Northern Lights Choir that Helen Demong has put together.  They will be singing some spirituals and also premiering my “Voices of Timbuctoo.”  Of all the new works in my Emancipation Again Series, this one is…


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